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The genesis of trading within the Al-Bader family dates back to the 19th century when Mr. Yousef Abdulmohsen Al-Bader (1800-1880), the patriarch of the family, used the largest commercial fleet of sail ships to trade with India, the Gulf Countries and East Africa. The three siblings of the 4th generation founded the current Al-Bader Company in 1962.

The Company was restructured in 1976 as a General Trading Company and thereafter renamed Al-Bader Trading Co. W.L.L. This company was the nucleus for expansion into various fields of business during the last three decades.

Long before oil was discovered, Kuwait’s economy was based and dependent on its trade links with South Asia and even East Africa. As Kuwait’s wealth grew dramatically with the discovery of oil after World War II, its contacts and exposure westward, most notably Europe and USA were strengthened. Thus, over the past 40 years, Kuwait developed a unique position as a bridge between East and West. The long established ties eastward were never lost but enhanced through Kuwait’s westward exposure.

Clearly the rapid socio-economic development of South Asia will drive this region into a dynamic global business force as we move further into the millennium. Kuwait, with its unique east-west balance is certainly poised to tap into this business potential. Kuwait currently has a population of about 2.3 million with a per capita GDP of more than $16,000.