Al-Bader Al-Oula Medical Co


sr # brand/company product(s) description
1 Degudent, Germany Cad Cam System for Advanced Dental Lab, Casting Machine, Porcelain Furnaces, Lab Equipment
2 Septodont, France Anesthetic gel & carpule, All Root canal treatment
3 Dentaurum, Germany Cotton Roll, pellet, patient apron, Gutta percha & paper points, face mask, gloves
4 Stoddard, UK Dental brushes, polishing mops
5 Unident, Switzerland Sterilizer system, cleaning and disinfecting materials
6 Kemdent, UK  Modeling waxes, base plate waxes, impression material
7 Cefla Italy (Anthos)  Dental Units, hand pieces, Intra-oral camera, Digital sensor, Intra-oral X-Ray unit, OPG Panoramic X-Ray
8 EMS, Switzerland   Polishing powder & scaling equipment
9 Bien Air, Switzerland   Hand pieces
10 Pulpdent, USA  Etch, Root canal filling
11 Carl Martin, Germany   Dental Instruments
12 Erkodent, Germany   Mouth Guide, Casting spurs, Thermoforming units, Thermoforming foils and plates
13 Dentsply Friadent, Germany All implant materials
14 Silfradent, Italy   Dental lab equipment
15 Voco, Germany   Lining material, Bonding agents, Restoratives, Temporary material
16 Cattani, Italy   Compressors and suctions
17 Astra, Italy  Dental cabinets
18 Zhermack, Italy Disinfectants, alginates, impression material
19 Anthogyr, France Endo Hand piece, Contra angle, Implant logy motor, Specialized syringes, Amalgam carrier, Crown and Bridge remover
20 Bosworth, USA  Cement materials, Impression materials, Restorative materials, Reline materials
21 Garreco, USA  Dental plaster, Die stone
22 BPR-Swiss   Portable equipment
23 Metasys  Spare parts
24 Tekne Dental, Italy  Spare parts
25 Dental X, Italy  Spare parts
26 Euronda, Italy   Autoclave, spare parts
27 Ergotre, Italy  Mobile cabinets