About us

Business Portfolio

An extensive international business portfolio network in ASIA, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA, has provided Al-Bader with a strong international business base.

The Al-Bader Group of Companies is a landmark in Trading, Development, I.C.T, Travel & Leisure, Medical & Dental Supplies, Scientific Instruments, Pharmaceuticals, Computer Training, Marketing activities, Stationery & Office supplies. The Group has a history of strong economic and cultural ties in the region.

Communication, information technology and globalization have revolutionized the world of business and the people at Al-Bader have taken the necessary strides to adapt and continue to branch out into diverse business sectors.

• Al-Bader Trading Co.
• Al-Bader International Development Co.
• Al-Bader Al-Oula Medical Co.
• Al-Bader Stationery
• Al-Bader Info Tech.
• Al- Yasrah Gen Trading Co.
• House Of Travel
• Badur Travel
• Derby International Inc.