Al-bader international development and construction co (projects)


[--Fully owned by Al-Bader International Development Co and is in progress--]
The BNC project is a self-sustained planned residential and commercial development in the heart of Khartoum. It stretches over three parcels of land along the Blue Nile with a total land area of about Ten Million square meters. (the location map shows the three parcels of land and the constituents in each parcel).

The BNC Project is a unique development planned to meet the dire needs of professional Sudanese expatriates working overseas and upper/middle class Sudanese in Khartoum. To comply with the requirements of potential buyers and meet the market requirements the projects designed to overcome the most drastic shortages in Khartoum which are:
• Lack of basic infrastructure, i.e. sustainable electricity, water, sewage treatment, etc.
• Lack of ambience in residential areas.
• Express Freight Door-to Door facilities Worldwide
• Lack of modern commercial facilities such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals and educational facilities (from grade school to university level).

The BNC Project consists of 3 sites:
BNC Mainland - BNC CITY - 430 Hectares "Self-Sustaining Integrated Community"
• 3,500 Villas
• 14,000 Apartments
• 410,000 m2 Offices
• 270,000 m2 Commercial Mall
• 1 Residence Hotel 3-star - 200 room
• All Social, Commercial, Educational & Leisure Facilities

BNC ISLAND - 195 Hectares
• 400 Villas
• 2,000 Apartments
• 1 Hotel 5-star - 400 room
• 1 Golf Course (18-hole) & Academy
• 1 Tennis Court Complex & Academy
• 1 Marina
• All Social, Commercial, Educational & Leisure Facilities

BNC EAST - 288 Hectares
• University Campus
• Vocational Institutes
• University
• Hospital
• 400 Staff Housing
• 8,500 Students & Staff Housings
• 790,000 m2 Offices
• 100,000 m2 Warehouses
• 1 Family Motel 200 rooms
• 1 Football Stadium

Kindly visit the website of HCP Architecture and Engineering Co. of Malaga, Spain an autonomous subsidiary of Al-Bader International Development Co. for viewing projects funded and implemented in four continents.